Tuesday, May 10, 2016


            Early May in Michigan is always a time for botanical Russian Roulette .We get so sick of the cold weather that when a little warmth comes of way we think it’s here to stay, and off to the flower store we go.

             In all my years as a kid watching Tarzan I never saw him swinging through the jungle wearing a parka and mukluks; he was always sporting a loincloth. He’d swing with Cheetah on his back wearing it, he’d drop down out of the trees to greet passers-by wearing it, and he even went into town with only that on. If you looked in his closet that’s all you would have seen, an array of loincloths; and why? Because it was hot where he was. Sure he experienced 45 degree temperature swings but in his neck of the jungle it went from 120 down to 75; not 75 to 30, like around here.

            The new annuals you bought are plants that come from that part of the world. They watched Tarzan wrestle alligators, they watch him swing over to Jane’s place wearing his new Armani loincloth. And they too haven’t packed any winter wear when taking that trip to your house.

            Our weather zone is 6, and zone 6 puts the last frost date at May 15. As we have seen with this weekend it is “chancy” to plant anything tropical here before that date. Keep those plant covers handy for a while yet.

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