Tuesday, May 2, 2017


            Yes, they are a flower, one of the first of the spring, but they don’t instill a of sense awe and wonder one would typically associate with something that colors up the dullness of the previous season. But they should be.

            True, they are one of the worst weeds you can have in your yard, but that’s not the quality I am writing about.

            In days of old, before the refrigerator and freezer, before the transportation system that interlaces our country there was the root cellar. Here, everything needed to get the family through the winter, was stored. Come spring though, things weren’t looking very fresh and bountiful down there, like they were in the fall. As the months clicked off, the nutritional value diminished; and what was passed over previously was now what was helping you keep body and soul together.

            With immune systems as spunky as what’s left in the root cellar, spring arrives, and with it, the Dandelion, -  and none too soon.  The greens of this lawn annoyance, when eaten fresh, are a blood scrubber, and it rejuvenates the tired worn-out circulatory systems of the root-cellar people.

            So before you rush out there the spray Weed-b-Gon, or spread the Weed-n-Feed fertilizer pause a moment and thank God for such a wonderful life saving creation as the Dandelion

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