Monday, May 1, 2017


            Saw a woodchuck yesterday and that means territories are going to be refined.

            Not sure why they called them woodchucks, they’ve never been a problem, to my knowledge, in the area of throwing wood; can’t say I’ve ever seen them mess up anything made of wood. They tunnel under it, or around it, but I’ve never had them eat through it.

            The tunneling is the biggest annoyance. Being a sizable animal it needs a sizeable hole, which means a sizeable mound of dirt.

            If you find that you’re playing host or hostess to one of these fur coated digging machines know that you have options.

            Country folks have one more option than city dwellers; but just know that you only have one chance, after that even the squeak of the door and they’re gone.

            City people must resort to less cacophonous forms of control.

            Used kitty litter tops the chart when wanting them to mosey on down the road. Evidently, the woodchuck cannot differentiate between “Mittens” your declawed overweight house cat and a man-eating Puma; to them both gifts dropped from the south end of a north bound feline, register as a dangerous predator that should be given a wide berth.

            To employ this method just dump it into the hole they’ve started, and sprinkle some of the rest next to any other spot that looks to be a good place to dig.

            They are a nuisance that nobody wants to attract; they undermine with good intentions, and can make your property look like an artillery range.

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