Friday, April 21, 2017

Unwanted Bird's Neats

            As I type away I see birds flying to and fro carrying stuff for nests.

            Why they build where they build is known only to them. I can’t imagine they stand there assessing the site with a scrutinous eye: “is it close to the bird bath”, do I see any cats”, “do I like the neighborhood?”

             No, I think it’s more like: “I’m not getting wet at the moment, and I don’t see any immediate danger right now.”

            It can be pretty cool to have a family of birds within viewing distance; and most times they are welcome. But there are those locations where “their new home” can be a point of contention. Like just above your exit door nestled on your outside light. Every time you go in or out they deem you as a threat and try to chase you away. The other problem is they “do their business” as they are flying up to the nest; now you’re washing your window every other day.

            This would be a good time to discourage these avian neighbors from the areas you wish them not to dwell.

            Just pulling down the building materials will not discourage them; I don’t think they know how far they are from completion they just know where to go, and that they’re not done yet. You’re going to miss a day, and they will have completed their building project, and you’re going to feel bad pulling down a completed nest.

            No, you have to make the area undesirable to them; and the best way is through smell.

            There are two approaches to this, household ammonia, or a store bought predator scent like fox urine. A couple of sprits of this and they will get the hint that this just isn’t the spot for them. But do it soon mom’s got eggs rumblin’ around inside her.

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