Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

             This is “so Michigan”, gripe about the weather one day, totally forget about how bugged you were the next. Yesterday and today it looks like spring has finally arrived; last week we thought winter would never end.
            There are a ton of things to do out there, but planting is not one of them just yet. I know this is first and foremost on people’s minds when the weather turns balmy this time of year; but fight it. I remember my years at the garden center trying to gently persuade those starry-eyed-spring fevered individuals that it’s just a little too early to be planting their flower beds, and then seeing them back a couple weeks later in a trench coat and dark glasses not wanting to make eye contact picking out the same stuff as before.

            We live in zone 6, which means we run the threat of a killing frost until around May 15; so find some other things to do.

            You can till up your garden, pull the mulch off your rose beds, put down mulch in your landscaping, get out the deck chairs, power wash the deck, plan out your garden…. just don’t plant your plants yet!

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