Thursday, May 10, 2018

Seed Germination

            I know our weather as of late has felt like a skip in a vinyl record, slipping back into the winter track with every teasing of spring. But spring will come… someday, the tilting our of Earth’s axis demands it. And when you think that day has come I don’t want you jumping the gun and planting seeds before you should.

            “How can I plant seeds before I should?” you may be asking.

            Seeds need three things to germinate and grow; but in actuality only two things to germinate: water and heat, sunlight is optional.

            Put some dirt in a cup, add a little water, drop in some seeds, and stick it in the frig, and you will have a cup of dirt with seeds in it doing nothing until someone says a month later “Hey, who left cup of dirt in here?”

            Take that same cup of dirt with the moisture and the seeds and put it in a dark closet. In a week you will see sprouts, in two weeks you will see a bunch of two leaved skinny plants stretching to find some sunlight. What was the only difference in the two scenarios? Heat. Unless the ground temperature is up there in the 60 degree range you will not have germination and your seeds will rot.

            I live out in the country, if I see the farmer in back of me planting corn I know I can plant my garden. Why?  Because I know he called the Extension Office and got the “ground temperature report”. You can get this same info on their WEB site at  or call them at 1-888-678-3464.
            Water isn’t enough, if it were we’d have stuff growing and freezing to death by now. In fact we would have become a lifeless barren planet a long time ago. God, He knows what He’s doing.

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