Friday, June 30, 2017

Plants That Soak Up Water

            To say the ground is saturated would be like saying there’s a lot of space out in space.

            We’ve sure gone through a week for the record books, and there’s supposed to be a little more falling today; but hopefully not along the lines of tumbling canines and felines.

            As some of us trod the sodden earth of our backyards we’re wondering if cattails and weeping willows should be plants to help suck up some of this excess moisture in the future. And to most of us we thought these were the only plant choices out there.

            There are others:

            In the tree category you have Bur Oak, Blackgum, Serviceberry (or Juneberry), Most Birch, and the American Beech.

            Shrubs have a little longer list; there’s Red Twig Dogwood, Spice Bush, and Arrowwood Viburnum. In the edible category you have Blueberry (I have used them in the landscaping), and Cranberry. Evergreen broad leave shrubs include Inkberry, Winterberry, and Arbs.

             Perennials boost a few more.   

            Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Lily of the Valley, and Sweet Woodruff love the shade. Sweet Flag, Siberian Iris & some other Iris like the Louisiana Iris prefer wet soils. Mints, Bee Balms enjoy part shade and have a wonderful smell.

            So if you have a bog, or a potential Everglade situation don’t think you’re stuck with the crying willows or the Redwinged Blackbird magnets, planting those are only going to tell passers-by “Hey Everybody! I’ve got a water problem”.

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