Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mulching Your Landscaping:

            We are going in and out of spring; and with every jaunt out of winter’s clutches we look into getting our yards ready for summer, and mulching the landscape is one of those spring time rituals that usually chews up a whole Saturday.

            Putting down Bark this time of year is a timing thing.

            Shredded hardwood bark can be put down anytime, rain or shine, but the Color Enhanced Wood needs time to dry after it has been spread over your landscaping.

            The color in your Color Enhanced Wood is a water-based paint that has been sprayed on at the “Bark Store”. After it falls off conveyer belt it is scooped up and put in a big pile where only the outer 6 to 8 inches starts to dry. When you get there with your trailer or pick-up the loader-man digs deep into the pile and fills you up with a load of wet painted mulch; which you don’t realize until you start spreading it.

            After rummaging around in your garage for some work gloves, and finding only two left hands, you go back out the job that’s not going away by itself.  As you start spreading, it now dawns on you why the lady who took your order said it might not be a good day to do this on account of the rain forecasted today. “This stuff isn’t dry”!

            Your landscaping is the final step for Color Enhanced Wood; it will need a day without rain to lock the color in. If it rains before that drying can occur a lot of its color will wash away.

            So at $28.00 to $35.00 a yard it “wood” behoove you to watch the weather channel before you spread this kind of cash.

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