Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mock Orange

            You might not have heard of this one, but it has been around a long time. The Mock Orange is one of the “Grandma’s House” originals, and has an early spring citrus fragrance to its flowers that may jar a memory of that childhood landmark.

            The Mock Orange was a tall and lanky bush until they spent some time hybridizing it down to the more compact size we see today; and when I say compact I’m still talking 8 feet in height and half that in width. There is a dwarf in this species called Miniature Snowflake; it stands 3 to 4 feet and has a double blossom flower (an extra set of petals).

            It needs fun sun, and can handle the dry times of summer. The flowers are big enough for it to be enjoyed back in the furthest reaches of the property, which is a good thing for the deer tend to leave it alone.

            Like any flowering shrub or plant it sucks a lot of nutrients out of the soil, so at the time of planting it is wise to give it the good stuff when backfilling. Then once a year a handful of shrub food can be tossed under it for that extra show of flowers if you wish.

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