Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ducks & Geese:

           Along with Woodchuck sightings I see Ducks and Geese on the lakes; and with that comes ducks and geese on the beach, and we who’ve “stepped in it” knows what that means.

Some folks have strung kite string to keep them from coming onto the beach and yard and they tell me it works. Recently wildlife specialist at Cornell University have found that geese and other birds don't like grape-like food flavoring. The compound, methyl anthranilate, is a natural substance found in orange blossoms, jasmine and concord grapes. It's used in saccharin and as the grape flavoring in some chewing gums.  Spraying the lawn with sugar-free grape flavored Kool-Aid should keep these gaggles of geese from greasing up your beach.

Doing something now just may move them off your summertime siesta spot and over to the neighbors lush habitat; where you can go over and be the big hero and explain how to get rid of these “pretty to look at in the water, but not on your lawn” avian miracles of flight that leave tokens of their visit every 7 minutes.

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