Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dragon’s Blood Sedum:

            If you are looking for a dry area ground cover Sedums are the answer. If you’re looking for something short and flowers red then Dragon’s Blood sedum is for you.

            This Sedum grows to 6 inches tall, needs full sun, and thrives on neglect. It flowers mid-summer, and has a burgundy-green foliage that looks interesting all season long.

            It likes dry situations so well that any constant lawn sprinkling does them in. It thrives well in yards where hoses and sprinklers that can’t reach it. Rock gardens accent them nicely, holding the soil on a slope is right up their alley.

            When planting up large areas buying them in 32 cell flats is the most economical. Space them out on a 12 inches on center grid, any closer is a waste of money. You will need to monitor the weed invasion, but only for a couple years, this is a very aggressive plant.

            If you have a dry spot where nothing else will grow, stick a sedum there and watch it thrive.  

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