Monday, April 29, 2019


            They’re up! Yellow faces here and there, showing us that, Yes! winter is over, and spring is on its way.

            I am speaking of course of the Daffodils we are seeing in people’s yards and along our travelling destinations.

            The Daffodil is native to the meadows and woods of Europe, North Africa and West Asia; that’s why do don’t see them in the woods away from civilization around here. The only Johnny Daffodil Seed around here is you and me.

            People are admiring the little yellow beauties now and wishing to plant them in the landscaping; but unfortunately, that thought will have to hold until fall; there is not a bulb available this time of year to plant, nor would you want to, or could you. Why? a spring bulb needs the winter cold to flower. I will use the example of a gun. Newly planted bulbs are loaded into the ground in the fall, the winter cocks them, and the spring pulls the trigger.

            The Daffodil’s planting locations are less restrictive than their spring time counter-part the tulip. Tulips need the sun on their leaves a long time in order to rejuvenate the bulb for the following year’s bloom. No worries when you plant Daffodils out in the yard. By the time their flowers have past their zenith you’ll be bringing the mower out of hibernation for your lawn’s first hair cut; just mow their leaves right down with the rest of your lawn’s greenery. Next year you will see no ill effects in the bloom department.

            So mark your calendar around the first of September so as to not go through this hopeless wishing again. They’ll be available for sale around then, and it will be their time to be planted.

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