Monday, May 2, 2016

Crabicide and Fertilizer:

            There are two ways you can buy Crabicide, with fertilizer or without fertilizer. I’m not sure which is the best, but here’s my thought.

            The fertilizer addition in the crabicide blend is not as strong in the Nitrogen department as the typical summer grass food bag boasts; nitrogen is the food that makes the plant grow and the nitrogen in the crabicide bag is about half. This is good because the grass is just now waking up; how hungry are you when your peepers open as slits at six in the morning? You’ve got to get moving a bit before you’re rummaging around for some breakfast. To spring the high nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn this time of year, is to have someone wheel the buffet buckboard into your bedroom, and force you to eat it all now before you’ve even had a chance to wipe the sleepers out of your eyes.

            I think just the plain Crabicide is all your yard really needs; give it a chance to wake up a bit before you cram the whole “pig on a spit” down their throats.

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