Friday, April 26, 2019

Crab Grass Killer Applying Time:

            It is time to buy the Crabicide; I would say this weekend will be your last chance for this year.

            Crabicides do not kill crabgrass plants, in fact you will not see a crabgrass plant out there, they have all died throughout the winter. You may see skeletons of last year’s dead ones, but you will not see any live plants right now.

            “Well then, what’s the fuss about” you may be asking yourself? It’s the seeds. What you allowed to live last year produced seeds.

            Maybe you were diligent in seeing that none of the seeds of the previous year germinated, but your neighbor was a little less astute about the blight that can ravage a lawn. His seeds can, and will, find their way onto your horticultural carpet. This is where the Crabicides come in, they kill the seed at the moment of germination; no germination no little crabgrass plants, no crabgrass plants no choking death to the rest of your lawn.

            If you can’t get to it this weekend keep an eye on the Forsythia bushes, once they flower it is generally too late. If the temperature was warm enough to pop the forsythia buds it was warm enough to crack open the hard shell of a crabgrass seed; and once that little seedling pokes its head out to look around no amount of crabicide will do it in.

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