Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bird Problem Addendum:

            Yesterday I came upon a site that may challenge my Blog about keeping birds away from well traveled areas. I mentioned ammonia or a predator scents to keep them moving on. But that was called into question while traveling out in the country.  

            While driving yesterday, I came upon a family of crows enjoying a meal of “dead skunk”. Yep, it was a skunk, and it had been dead a while. One needs to hold their nose downwind of a live skunk; this happy family was burying their faces in a dead one.

            So I looked it up; and low and behold I discovered that ornithologists have been debating this a long time. It looks like most birds have virtually no sense of smell.

            Now they did say “most birds” not “all birds”, so I would still try the ammonia just in case your little feathered friend has a good sniffer. And if they are still wanting to build over your light just keep it on, until Suzy Sparrow gets the warm bottomed hint.

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