Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Purple Cone Flower

            Home to central and north-east Illinois the Purple Coneflower is born out of the Aster family. Some cultivars can reach 3 feet in height, and mainly spread because of the seeds they drop; the plant itself expands out from the main crown as well.

            The Purple Cone adds another unique color to the landscape around mid to late summer. Called “purple” coneflower the picture displays its real color, more of an interesting shade of pink with its "turning to" orange center; two colors not typically put together when painting the boudoir, but eye catching if you’re a flower out in the backyard.  

            Echinacea is its Latin botanical name, and is also bottled as such in the health food stores, and is good for fighting infections, colds, and a host of other ailments. So if you are feeling a little poorly just jerk one up by the roots and make a salad out of it; though the amount of salad dressing needed to cover up the awful taste may outweigh the benefits.

            As mentioned above, the seed drop is its main way of procreating, cut the seed heads off after the petals have fallen and you significantly reduce the poetical herd next year.

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