Wednesday, March 27, 2013


            I know we’re all getting sick of winter. Yesterday’s mix of sun, rain, snow, small hail and sleet made us all groan inwardly with every white flake we saw. Punxsutawney Phil, that no good lying sack of fur…. boy did he miss it this year…. dumb rodent. Well, not as dumb as the people who look him for meteorological insight I guess.

            But hey, I’m trying to do my part in keeping your eyes fixed on the road ahead, giving you some color to look at, reminding you through plant life, that we in fact don’t live above the Arctic Circle, and that Spring will get here someday soon.

            So, here’s another early bloomer, the Primrose. A Latin word, prima rosa, meaning “first rose”, but you will never see it at a Rose family reunion, because it is not a rose.

            This European native grows 4 to 12 inches tall; it likes moist well-drained soils, and would rather take up residence in partial shade.

            It is more of an evergreen plant, but since it is so short, a dusting of snow can put it right out of sight; so don’t plan on it offering any “life” to your winter landscaping.

            As you can see by the picture it comes in many different flower colors; and at a time when we are wanting to see some color out there. A great plant to plant among the bigger rocks, or just in front of other plants or hardscapes.

            The key is moisture, do that and they will faithfully proclaim the coming of spring year after year.

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