Monday, March 11, 2013


           Also called the Obedient Plant because flower arrangers can position this plant any way they like and it will hold that position.

            They come in pink, white, and a purplish pink; ranging in height from 3 to 4 feet in the pinks and purples, to a foot or two in the whites. The overall height can be reduced if you bob them down a few inches in the early to mid spring; this will keep them from flopping over in the rain, and it will multiply the stems thus producing more flowers.

           Their flowering times can be anywhere between June and September, depending on the color. A second bloom can be achieved by deadheading the spent first batch of flowers.

            They like full sun, but wouldn’t mind a little afternoon shade if the area you planned for them is a confined hot location. Their feet can be in any soil situation from sandy to clay, with watering favoring the middle of the road.

            They like to take over the place with rhizoming root propagation, so keep that in mind when picking out a spot for them. Dividing them every 2 to 3 years will keep them under control.

            Not a favorite among the deer population, but are culinary hot spot for butterflies and hummingbirds.

            Phystostegias make great backdrops from shorter bushes, perennials, and annuals. Virtually indestructible once growing so make sure you plant them where they can spread, or, make sure you have the time to keep them corralled. or post a comment on this Blog. And like us on Facebook at Niemeyer Landscaping. For more Landscape and garden info and pictures on the subject check us out at

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