Friday, March 22, 2013

Japanese Lacyleaf Maple:

            Sorry, but Japan seems to have all the cool plant stuff, and the Lacyleaf is another one.

            Typically, this tree would be somewhat tall and vey upright; but someone found a tree that weeped down, took cuttings off of  it, and graphed what we see in the garden centers at 150 bucks a pop for a less than one- inch trunked tree; pictured below, about $550.00.

            Lacy leaf Maples are very slow growing, and therefore are easy to keep smaller through pruning a branch here and there every so often.

            They come in red or green leafed trees and are shade tolerant. The red leafed ones are red because of the sun; which means more sun, more red, less sun more green.  If they get less than 4 hours of sun, they turn brown and fall off. So when someone says “shade tolerant” that means at least 6 hours of sun per day, not the back side of the north side of the house.

            They are very tough little trees, but, extremely cold temperatures like -25 can do them in if not in a protected place. They are a little on the brittle side so try and keep them out of the line of fire of the basketball hoop.

            Planted primarily in high profile spots, the red leafed maples are accented beautifully with shorter plants of yellow or silver foliage.

            Pricy but beautiful if you have a spot for them.

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