Wednesday, March 20, 2013


            When you’ve got shade, Impatient are about the only thing that will grow when it comes to annuals. Born in the jungles of the tropic from Tanzania to Mozambique, with its center of origin being Zanzibar, the Impatient loves the warmer climates, which is why they are the first to croak at the hint of frost.

            They also need a goodly amount of water to sustain the high percentage of water that makes them what they are. Because of this need for hydration the planting locations tend to be a little limited. Southern exposures to sunlight overheat them; western sunlight situations cook them; facing the east is fine, as well as north facing gardens; areas that remain cooler, or start out in the sun in the cool of the day.

            Liquid fertilizer applications once a week will make them think they’re in Tarzan’s backyard. For in the jungle something is always dying and enriching the soil.

            Covering them in the fall doesn’t seem to help much; they just don’t like temperatures below 32.
            The Impatient, easy to plant, easy to keep, beautiful to see; just make sure they get plenty of water.

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