Thursday, March 28, 2013


            Today’s plant is more for the hanging basket, raised planter, or window box; as a bedding plant it loses a lot of its patina.

            The Fuchsia was first discovered in the Caribbean island of Hispaniola but other varieties hale from Mexico all the way around the world to Tahiti and New Zeeland. Man, my simple garden beds are more traveled than I am. Shoot, my hanging basket has seen more of the world than I have.

            The Fuchsia is a little more temperamental than most; it likes sun, but need some shade during the hot part of the afternoon. It needs to be planted in basically potting soil, anything else and it becomes too compacted and kills the roots.

            Watering is where most people lose them; they tend to drown them out. They need water of course, but let them dry out a little between waterings. When you do water, pour it on until it runs out the bottom.

            Being a tropical plant means they are typically a heavy feeder, 20-20-20 liquid fertilizer every third watering will be sufficient; to water with fertilizer every time you give them a drink will build up harmful salts in the soil; the two waterings without fertilizer will keep the excess washed out.

            It comes in many colors and color combinations, and is a hummingbird favorite to be sure. But a moving target is hard to hit, make sure to have your Fuchsia in a non-windy place; it beats up the plants and exhausts the birds.

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