Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flowering Quince:

            This immigrant from China typically flowers before the Forsythia. We rant and rave about the Forsythia as the first to give relief to our winter weary eyes, but it’s really the Quince that gives our rods and cones something to colorfully feast our vision on in the early spring.

            It’s a bush that has been around a long time, and only one, the Texas Scarlet, has been sold as a dwarf that reaches only 4 feet tall, the rest grow to 10 feet in height and width. It would be best to find a spot for them where they can grow.

            They come in a bunch of different colors: apricot, pink, red, white, pink-white-red combination, and scarlet. They need full sun, neutral to acidic soils, they do well during a drought. and can handle a little salt from the sidewalk,.

            If you see that they are getting old and woody you can cut them down to 12 inches above the ground and start them over. This should be done soon after the flowers have dropped their pedals, for they produce next year’s flowers on this year’s wood.

            It’s an oldie in the landscaping, you may remember them from Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. But it is the first to give notice to winter that it is over.

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