Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Zone Dates

            Days like these are going to be those times when one goes out the door and gets hit upside the head with a severe case of Spring Fever.

            Yes, it is going to be warm out there, and yes, you will see things up and growing when you get home tonight that were not poking out of the ground when you left this morning.

            You will be finding yourself wanting to stop by a garden center, wanting to just look to see if anything is ready for sale. You’ve been longing for the end of winter for so long that you are beginning to convince yourself that maybe it would be safe to at least plant some Pansies, and maybe you could, if you can find them. But for the rest of the flowering greenery fight it my friend, it’s not time yet!

            We live in zone 6, and that was just upgraded from zone 5 a few years ago (which I believe was just a another ploy to get us believing in “global warming”).

            The “Zone Maps” tell us generally when the last freeze of the Spring and the first freeze of the Fall typically occur. Zone 6 places the last poetical freeze day on May 1, and some charts will even go as far as to say May 15.

            So let’s just put the little shovel away, and let’s not bother garden center guy, we have a little ways to go yet… hey, we have to get through the traditionally bad, cold, nasty weather of Spring Break yet.

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