Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black Walnut:

            I’m not bringing up this tree as a recommended, hotly sought after, shade tree; no, I’m mentioning it because they’re out there, and they are the reason for many garden failures.

           The Latin name for all walnuts is Juglandaceae; this is also the name of the toxin the tree produces through its root system. Others like English, Persian, and Butternut all produce the same toxic substance, but the black walnut is the most notorious.

            It doesn’t affect all plant life, but you would be wise to keep tomatoes, potatoes, blackberries, Red Pine, most Rhododendrons and Azaleas, as well as members of the Heath family planted far away from this tree’s root system.

            Tomato problems top the list when a Black Walnut is nearby. The little tomato plant does well for a while after planting, but as they venture out into the contaminated soil from their little cell pack root ball they begin to wilt and eventually die.

            If you can’t find them another spot in your yard, away from the harmful effect of the Walnut tree, you might want to plant them in a five gallon or bigger pots.

            Store bought potting soil, and an awareness of the extra watering you’ll need to do, will bring about success in securing vine ripe tomatoes for your dinner plate.

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