Saturday, February 2, 2013

Up on Drummond Island

         The beauty of the winter wonderland here in Michigan out did itself here on Drummond Island. A fresh blanket of snow clinging to every twig and branch, rock and rill, made for a picture begging to be taken. But alas, no real camera, and the camera phone.... why bother.

          Drummond with its rocks and cedars, and cedars and rocks,  and more cedars and rocks.... remind me of the importance of rocks in the landscape.

          Did you know that rocks are the only originals of creation. Flung from the hand of God, they are the only things out there since the beginning of time.
          There uses vary according to their shape and size. Up here they are mainly of a flat constitution, making them an excellent choice for walls and outcrop looks; though one, two, and three foot fat ones stand alone very nicely.
          Color carries the accent potential. Up on Drummond limestone is in abundance inland; most everything plays off it. Along the shore, where the water has desolved the limestone away, the colorful boulders make up the beach. (Oh for the Star Ship Enterprise transporter; I'd beam me over a fortune).
           Rocks throw a different structure into the landscaping. Landscaping is typically leafy, rocks put a solid here and there. Put some in a row and you've added a little change in elevation; add a couple rows on top of each other and a wall appears

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