Friday, February 28, 2014

The Little Leaf Linden:

            Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not; I do know you’ve seen them.

            Growing to around 70 feet tall and 35 feet wide the Little Leaf Linden is another one of those “plant it and leave alone” trees. It starts out very pyramidal and then settles into an oval, to slightly round, shade tree.

            It likes a moister soil, and does need more water than most if planted in drier parts of the yard. Now when I say “moister” I’m not talking standing water; that would be reserved for cattails and weeping willows. “Moister” as in that spot in the yard where the grass is always green, and the ground under it is squishy sometimes.

            This tree flowers a very fragrant yellow flower in June. Bees come in from all over; so it would be an ideal tree if you had other things that need bee foot traffic.

           There are a couple of negatives: I mentioned the need for water. A good soaking in the late fall will give it a “leg up” throughout the winter.

            It is also a culinary favorite of the Japanese beetle. Set traps upwind of this tree only if you see a problem.

            Its leaf is in the shape of a heart, with green being summer color, and yellow as its begins its journey to the ground in the fall.

            A very nice tree to plant on the prevailing wind side of the house; to waft the flower fragrance throughout the house on a breezy June day.

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