Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Korean Spice Viburnum

            If you have windows on the west side of your house a Korean Spice Viburnum will send a fragrance throughout your dwelling better than any plug-in, spray can, or carpet sprinkling you could ever buy. The only negative, is that this heavenly scent only lasts for two weeks.

            The Korean Spice has within its name its country of origin, and has to be one of the best smelling flowering shrubs on the market. You can expect this titillating of the nostrils in mid May originating from flowers that start out as white and then turn light pink.
           This shrub will reach a height of six feet, with width equal to its height. KSV can handle some shade, but likes full sun. Well drained soils are preferred, slightly acidic soils make the best planting environments.

            They hold their own in windy locations, and because of this, can protect other fellow shrubbery, perennials, or annuals.

            Fall gives this shrub another opportunity to shine; dark red leaves close out the season.

            Buy it for the smell, buy it for the fall color, or buy it for the privacy it can give; the Korean Spice covers most of your landscape scenarios.

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