Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hinoki Cypress:

            As evergreens go I think it is the prettiest; as evergreens go it is the most expensive too.

            The Hinoki Cypress hails from central Japan. Since we have the same climate as Japan, what they grow and what we grow are interchangeable.

            The most popular Hinoki is the dwarf cultivar. On a residential level it is the most versatile. With a full grown height of six feet and width of five it can be kept easily at half that size in the landscaping.

            It is a bug, drought, and disease-resistant evergreen, and comes in three color variations: green with bright green tips, green with yellow tips, and yellow with green tips.

            Not typically placed in the landscape as a hedge row, but mainly as singles or focal points, they become central to the plantings around them.

            Being of a dwarf nature the speed to which they grow is close to that of a snail’s pace, that’s the reason they are so expensive; the longer they have to stay at the nursery, the more they’re going to cost you at the checkout. But they are tuff little buggers; I haven’t lost one yet.

             If you have a sunny spot for one you’ll be glad you got one.

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