Thursday, March 6, 2014


           Geraniums have got to be one of the toughest bedding/hanging basket/window box/planter flowers out there. They can handle the heat, the dry, the parched (guess that’s the same as dry, only drier), the cold….

            As a kid every Sunday we would stop and water my Grandpa and Grandma’s cemetery flowers while on our way to visit my other Grandpa and Grandma. In the urn were Geraniums and Spikes; every Sunday they’d get watered, and that would have to last them through the week; and it always did. They are certainly tough little splashes of color.

            Most people see Geraniums as a plant to be put in containers only, never just planted in the ground. It could be that in the past that’s the only place we’d see them, and being creatures of habit, that would be the only place we’d think they’d grow. But they do very well in flower beds throughout the landscaping; so well in fact that we have pictures of them still blooming in December during those rare unseasonal warm years.

            They are tough, and once they “catch” and start growing they are rather indestructible; about all that bugs them is an errant basketball or Frisbee.

            Try some as bedding plants, I know you’ll be happy with the results. or post a comment on this Blog. And like us on Facebook at Niemeyer Landscaping. For more Landscape and garden info and pictures on the subject check us out at

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