Friday, March 21, 2014


            Its name suggests the sound of an old model T horn. But its claim to fame is the flower and leaf color it gives to shady areas.

            There are a number of varieties sold in this family of plants. Most flower purple, but that is not its uniqueness; it is the variety of leaf color options that makes it distinctive to all the other shade loving groundcovers.

             The Ajuga is a short plant, reaching 6 to 8 inches in height. It likes shady areas, but does well in sunny spots. Like most ground covers it weathers the droughts with minimal assistance; and can grow in most any soils.

            Flowering is a welcome plus, and takes place in the spring; but it is the leaf color that’s the bigger bonus.

            There are three varieties sold in this area: Burgundy Glow,
                    Chocolate Chip,
                    and Black Scallop.

            Buying them in 32 pack cell flats is the most economical way to purchase them. Planting them 12” apart will give the best coverage.

            When planting any ground cover keep in mind this little saying “First year it sleeps, second year it creeps, the third year and beyond it leaps”. That is the growing pattern of any ground cover; so be careful where you plant it. or post a comment on this Blog. And like us on Facebook at Niemeyer Landscaping. For more Landscape and garden info and pictures on the subject check us out at

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