Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wax Begonias:

           Wax Begonias are one of the most versatile annuals out there; not only in their planting location and flower color, but also in their leaf color.

            With the option of burgundy leaves in the mix yellow and silver leafed bushes make both eye-catching. Throw in your flower color of choice and that’s just icing on the horticultural cake.

             Being small in stature they work well in “up front” flower beds. An added bonus is that they
 stay tight and compact; rarely do they need a haircut to keep them under control.

            Shady situations are the main reason they are purchased, but east side and obstructed west and south side locations bode well for them too. Full sun south and west sides have a tendency to cook them due to the fact that their entire make-up looks to be 95% water; you sit in a hot tub of water all day and see how spunky you feel halfway through the afternoon.

            Because their make-up is basically water, water they must have. It would not be a good idea to mix them in with the sedums or yucca plants; the water needs of these distinct plants are at opposite ends of the universe; the watering needs of one will kill the other.

            Begonias are glutinous eaters; you would do well to mix compost or some garden fertilizer into the soil before you plant them. A side dressing of fertilizer halfway through the summer will keep them flowering strong until fall.

            The roots of the Begonia are very sensitive to salt. If you salt your walkways in the winter that might be the reason the flower beds they border don’t do well; your grass can tolerate it a whole lot better, so heave it over there this winter.

            Yes Begonias have become a main-stay, but a popular one that people keep coming back to year after year.

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