Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Veronica Speedwell

              The varieties of Speedwell are many, ranging in heights from 6 to 24 inches, with the shorties being the most popular. There are a host of tall perennials out there, so it’s nice to find one that can be planted up front.

              Its water needs are normal to a little on the dry side; and after last years drought that just might piqué some interest.

              Soil tolerances also show that this plant is not picky where it calls home; as long as it is well draini
ng soil it’s cheery.

              Depending on the variety it will bloom from late spring to mid summer, so some research may need to be done to fill that non-flowering time in your landscaping. Colors can be anything from blue, to white, deep pink to light pink, purplish-red, and rose purple.

              The majority of Speedwells have green foliage, but there are a few with yellow leaves, giving them a longer contrasting advantage over their green leafed brotherin.

              Butterflies love them; deer hate them. They would like a fertilizer handout once in a while; as to how much depends on what you buy, the instructions will fill you in on the “whens” and “how muches”.

              It’s a wonderful little no muss no fuss plant. And being that it’s small there's always room for it somewhere.

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