Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vegetable Garden Homework

Vegetable Garden Saturday:

            Yes, it is going to be in the lower single numbers out there today, and no plant anything out in the garden just yet. You can, however, think about what you might want to grow out there in the vegetable garden; quick run out and take some measurements, stuff like that.
            Seed catalogs can be poured over; even ordered if you like. Info can be garnered, Google could be searched; basically we’re looking at “mind work”, not much leg work.
            All this will need to be done at some point, no sense having it still to be done the day you wish to plant.
            Once you’ve decided on “what” you would like to plant this spring, study up on “where” it should go out in the garden. Try and avoid planting the same stuff in the same place as last year (side note: keep this year’s plot diagram for next year as a reference). Follow carefully the seed or plant spacing; they don’t put this on the seed packet to make it look important, it is important. Plants too close together produce spindly non vegetable bearing plants; too far apart and you’re just wasting space.
            While setting up the garden in your head, and on paper, make sure the tall veggies are not shadowing the shorties; set the big guys to the north and the midgets to the south.

            These are things you can do now.
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