Friday, January 10, 2014

The Tulip Tree

Shade Tree Monday

 Tulip Tree:

             Most flowering trees are not shade trees; only a few grow to a size worthy of parking a hammock under; the Tulip tree is one of those trees.


              With a height of around 80 feet, and a spread of close to 40 feet, the tulip tree needs to be place in a sunny spot that can allow it to grow without interfering with house or power lines.

            Some of its pet names fall into the Poplar family, but it is a close kin to the Magnolia. It is a fast grower, gaining 2 to 3 feet a year when young.

            It likes a moist well drain soil that is slightly acidic, but will do just fine in the neutral soils around here.

            Flowering time is in the late spring and early summer; much later than all the other springtime flowering trees. The flowers are yellow and stand as the biggest of any flower on any flowering tree. The fall color is yellow.

            I do not see very many of these trees around here; but the ones I do see are doing very well. They are basically an Ohio tree and maybe state rivalry has been the reason for their sparseness around here.

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