Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Posy

            Grandma’s gush when a child gives them. Young maidens tear up when presented with them. Wives’ feel appreciated when receiving them. They pick “pockets” full of them and then go stand around plague victims. But what is a Posy?
            You go to the florist shop and say you want some Posies and they bring you over to a cooler of all kinds of flowers, and say “here you go”. Go to the garden center and ask and they look at you waiting for more info….”Well? What kind for flower did you have in mind?....”
            “I don’t know”, you say: “A Posy flower?” And then you try and describe what you saw…
            At this point, the degree of puzzlement on your face will dictate whether or not the helpful flower person considers you a jerk, or just some hapless Romeo way out of his league.

            The truth is a Posy is a generic term for any flower that makes up a small bouquet. That is why the florist lead you over to a large cooler with assorted flowers; and why the garden store lady stood there waiting for more info. A Posy is any flower that strikes your fancy; any flower you think the recipient of your good deed will enjoy.

            But not all flowers are Posies; the Rose will never fall into this category. Shakespeare cemented forever the non-posy status of the rose in Romeo and Juliet.
            So little child, young suitor, or husband…. go out and find that little bunch of posies for that wonderful grandma, beautiful maiden, or amazing wife.

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