Monday, February 24, 2014

The Norway Maple

            Monday’s mention is the Norway Maple.

            The height of this herculean herbivore can hover around a hundred feet; its spread spans the same.
            The need for ancillary nutrients is negligible, for our neighborhoods are its native environment.
            The leaves that leave their summer lodging leave as the color of yellow. But green graces the glance of the vagabond voyager while visiting here in the spring and summer.

            Size and shade are surly sought when seeking summer shelter from the sizzling sun. Soil selection stands as no sedentary site setback, for all soils serve as satisfactory sanctuaries.

            Lastly, let me not languish, nor labor the fact that the likability of this large yellow leafed  leviathan looms high on the list of lovelies in your landscape.


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