Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Kousa Dogwood:

            The Kousa Dogwood:

            Most everybody has heard of the pink or white flowering Dogwood. Those early spring flowering ornamental trees that grow to 40 feet when mature; which is the reason why they aren’t a good idea as a “little space specimen tree”.
            There is a dogwood that is perfect for areas such as this, it is called a Kousa Dogwood, it only gets to 20 feet, with a spread of equal distance.

            The flowering time is much later that most spring flowering trees; large white flowers pop onto the scene in late June, with fall leaf color of Purple and Scarlet.

            For those of you with deer and antelope swinging on the swings and employing the merry-go-round, after the buffalo have had their fill of course, will find that this tree offers no attraction to them.

            Unlike the white and pink Dogwoods the Kousa can take windier spots out in the landscaping. I would still keep them out of the line of fire of the north-west winds, but even there they should still do all right.

            The Kousa, it’s a showy dogwood, but without the size.

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