Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Forsythia

            This bush, to me, is the Phyllis Diller of the shrub world. Who is Phyllis Diller some of my young readers may be asking? She was a comedian known for her wild flyaway, all over the place hair.
            Like the jokester ladies’ hair the Forsythia is not numbered among the neatly coiffeured shrubbery. You go at it with a pruning shears and you swear it all grew back as you were hanging it back up on the nail in the garage. I think it grows as fast as bamboo, yet without the Pandas to keep it in check.
            It’s hard to say how tall the standard forsythias gets, I don’t think anybody has ever stared one down long enough to see if it would ever give up growing. But what I do know is they have now hybridized forsythia that only gets 3 to 4 feet tall with a spread of 5 to 6’, it is the Arnold’s Dwarf Forsythia.

            Being that it is wider than tall it can continue to get wider as the branches touch the ground and root themselves; so keep an eye out for that phenomenon if you wish the width contained.
            I don’t think I need to mention that it has yellow flowers in the early spring; and that they will grow in any sunny spot, or on any type of soil, so I won’t… oh, maybe I just did…

            People like them because they are the first to bloom after a dreary winter, but the love affair is short lived because of the pruning they require. But that’s all changed now thanks to Arnold (not sure if that is his first or last name).   

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