Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shibori Spirea

Shrubby Tuesday

            The Shibori Spirea:

            Spireas have been around a long time…. well, every plant’s been around for a long time…. somewhere. But most of us remember Grandma’s white Spirea bushes; big and “all over the place”, great place for a camp.

            Over the years many other varieties have been either developed through hybridizing or brought in from other countries. The most unique, I believe, has been the Shibori Spirea.

            Some call it Peppermint Stick Spirea. It is the only plant I know of that produces three different color flowers; red, pink, and white, thus the pet name Peppermint Stick.

            It’s a sun loving bush that grows to around 4 feet in height, and about the same in width. Its Fall color is yellow; and, like all Spireas if you see that it is getting old and many of the stems are getting woody, or dying altogether, you can buzz it to the ground and start over.

            If you have  a sunny spot you might want to give one of these oddities a try.

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