Thursday, January 16, 2014


Annual Thursday:

            The Petunia has to be one of the showiest of all the annuals; lots of flowers with lots of color variations, and all with a great smell.

            But one of the drawbacks to this profusely blooming summer staple has been their desire to wander; and to keep them in check one has to have the clippers close at hand. If left to sprawl they get leggy and spindly; keeping them bobbed back will produce more flowers and leaves, thus making the plant look more contained and thicker. 

            However there is a new variety out there that looks to be eliminating the above mentioned problems; it is called the Martha Washington variety. It is more compact, which means they can be planted in areas smaller than typically set aside for Petunias. So far the only color they’ve developed is pink, but this 3” flower has attached to it an overall plant that only gets 12” tall with a width of 16”; quite unheard of in the Petunia world.

            So if you’ve backed off on planting Petunias because of the work they become throughout the season, look into this variety, it may bring you back to one of the old-timers in the annual beds.

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