Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Perennial Wednesday:

           The Liatris.

            This perennial will grow in any soil and will stand about two feet tall with an eventual spread of around a foot and a half.

            Blooming time is mid-summer, and produces a long column of bluish-pink flowers; a color rare in our neck of the woods. White is also available (but you can get white in almost anything)

            It likes full sun, and has normal drinking habits (not to dry, not to wet).

            Butterflies are drawn to it like ants to a wet sucker; yet deer and rabbits seem to leave them alone.

            It’s not a real fast grower, but a must if you’ve got the sun for them. I say this because the mid-summer bloomers are on the lean side. The Spring and early Summer flowerers list is vast, but by this time they’re only a memory. The late Summer and Fall displays have not ramped up yet. 

            If you’ve got a spot give them a try.

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