Saturday, January 26, 2013


            Lots of people would like to grow them; few have the space for them, and a handful actually grow them.
            The cucumber likes hot weather and plenty of water; but they are so sensitive to frost, or near frost conditions, that you would be wise in not planting them until there have been a few 70 degree days.
            Planting can be as follows: three plants per hill, 6” apart; with 5 feet between each hill. Work some compost or garden fertilizer into these hill situations. Have some newspaper hats at the ready in case the weather guy was wrong about the balmy 5 day forecast.
            Cukes grow fast and don’t need a lot of care, just make sure they get their customary 1” of water per week. If the water is hit or miss from week to week you will get odd, bitter tasting, Jimmy Durante nose shaped cucumbers that won’t present well on the dinner table.

            If space is a premium in you garden plot you might want to try growing them on a trellis. This will take some time making sure they start and stay on the trellis, but the rewards will be two fold; you’ll have your cukes, and room for something else. Tomato cages have worked, as have the neighbor’s chain link fence; but you may however lose half of your crop to your neighbor’s side of the fence.

            Keeping them picked regularly will insure small seeded, good tasting cukes. Letting some slip into the “aged” side of their life just might halt production for a while. Hopefully time and continued warm weather will convince them that they in fact have not completed their reproduction goal for the year.

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