Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Corkscrew Bush

The Corkscrew Bush:

          This is a very odd shrub, its twig and branch growth pattern is unmatched anywhere. As you can tell from the picture it is truly living up to its name; it’s twisting all over the place.
           This bush has the size potential of ten feet high by ten feet wide. It needs fertile soil, full sun to part shade, and the rains we get will suffice its water needs.
            The spot it should be planted in, is wherever the foot traffic is the greatest. Comments like, “look at that weird bush” or “what’s wrong with bush” and “I think that bush needs a drink” will be the conversations of the passersby.

            That last comment will be spoken more often, it always looks like its heart shaped leaves are wilting. This does make it difficult to know when it is actually dry; but since it doesn’t require much moisture don’t give in to the concerns of your guests.

            It does flower some sad little long yellow thing in the very early spring, but if you haven’t seen a flower out in the landscaping in six months, even something like this may spark an interest; but the twisting stems are its claim to fame.

            For those of you drawn to Dr. Seuss this shrub is a must; if you just like odd things this bush is for you, if you lack for human conversation this plant might just be for you. Whichever is your “bent” this bush just might worm its way into your heart.

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  1. Very cool! I will have to keep this plant in mind for when we have a yard to landscape :)

  2. I was told yesterday that my corkscrew Bush was on it's last legs lol
    I love it
    A true conversation piece

  3. I have one in the yard of our new home. At least half of it is dead, and the stuff growing from the root is straight. How do I propagate it? Or can I buy a new one?