Saturday, January 5, 2013

All That Looks Unnatural

                If you’ve admired your neighbor’s Pom Pom Juniper, or wondered where in the world they grew that way; just know that someone at a nursery somewhere spent a bunch of time making it look that way. And if your neighbor wants it to stay that way they’ll need to put a bunch of time into it as well.

            All the pom poms, spirals, cone shapes, or anything else out there that doesn’t look natural has been slaved over by somebody, somewhere. An experienced nursery genius took an older Juniper, Pine, Spruce, Cypress, or some older plant and began the laborious process of trimming it back little by little to get the shape you see. Once the desired shape is established it is sent off to the Shrub Store where you can buy it.

            Once in your care you must pick up where the nursery genius left off; if you don’t, it will return back to what it was, and how it was created to grow. But, please understand that you don’t need to be the genius to maintain the look; you just remove anything that wasn’t there when to bought it.

            So, if you find yourself liking something that is out of the ordinary, just know that they don’t stay that way on their own; you must don your barber outfit from time to time and Edward Scissorhands your way around what captured your eye in the first place.

I'm having trouble attaching pictures at this time. My Facebook page at Niemeyer Landscaping does.

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