Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Could Possibly Be Next?

            My brain has run out of things to say, as it pertains to actively gardening, or other related things to gardening in the out of doors.

            I will however try and help you through this austere time of year with a glimpse of what awaits us in a few months. My hope is to brighten up the dreary days ahead with pictures and info of what’s possibly already out in your landscaping, or what might spark your interest to possibly try out in your landscaping. Fortunately the list is endless as to the trees, shrubs, and plants I can bring up.

            My thought is to bring up Shade Trees on Monday, Shrubs on Tuesday, Perennials on Wednesday, Annuals on Thursday, Ornamental Trees on Friday, and what’s left on Saturday.

            After looking at "white" all day long, my thinking is that you might be up for some green, and maybe every other color of the botanical rainbow for a change.

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