Monday, January 12, 2015

Up On The Roof Top

            With the first of many inches, the snow out there is a reminder of what’s is still to come. In years past we’ve had some significant accumulations; who knows what this year will bring, so far we are looking at some depth, and roof snow can pose a threat to the shrubbery below.  

            Three possible things loom from above:

                        -A drift can develop, hanging precariously over the eve, directly above your prize                            Azalea. A January thaw can cause this to give way with some crushing weight.

                        -You can get a little over-eager with the snow rake; carving out chunks that are too                            big and therefore doing damage to your Azalea.

                        -And you yourself, up on a ladder, doing the “orphan-maker over-reach”, using the
                          Azalea to break your fall.

            With any method you employ, be careful. We have it in our minds that snow is fluffy and light; but 100,000 of them stuck together while being dragged to the end of your roof for a free-fall has the promise of Sir Isaac Newton that a goodly amount of weight is heading your way. The Newt guy will also assure you that the little spindly Azalea bush is not going to be enough to cushion your fall from yon-dizzy heights.

            Carve out little slices; or set up a couple 4x8 sheets of 3/4” plywood hinged together to deflect it away from your bush if the situation is too weighty. We don’t need you numbered among casualties this year.

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