Monday, December 29, 2014

Time To Plant The Potted Christmas Tree

            For those of you with potted real Christmas trees, you might want to move them out into the garage today. You might also want to bring the two buckets of dirt in where it’s warm. The days are getting colder and the ground will be freezing deeper and deeper into the ground.

             Let the tree sit out in the garage for about a week before planting it somewhere in the yard.

             If you didn’t dig the hole yet (this would be where the two buckets of dirt came from, from the hole you were supposed to dig when the weather was nice), now would be the time to do this; hopefully a pickaxe won’t be necessary.

            After a week, plant the tree and back fill it with the warmed up soil, watering it in as you backfill.

           If you have some bark, or can scrap some off a nearby bed, spread this underneath the tree to insulate it throughout the winter’s quick freezes and thaws.
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