Monday, December 11, 2017

Poinsettias Poisonous: fact or fiction

                Poinsettias hail from the land of sombreros and cacti, a far cry from the wintery context we see them in this time of year. And while vacationing at your home up here in the “winter wonderland” it would be wise to keep them away from window sills and cold drafty places.
            Watering can be over done, but don’t let them get too dry either; pick them up to see if a drink is needed or not, you’ll know by its weight if it’s thirsty.

            A lot of people think the red leaves are the flowers; the leaves are the leaves, and the flowers are those little unimpressive things call bracts in the center of the red leaves.

            But once again, like with other Christmas greenery, a warning to small children should be stamped across its foliage. It is not harmful in a deadly sense, but it will cause you to call the evening up short if little Gertrude polishes off a sizeable display.

            I’m sure that what I’m saying is not news to people; we’ve heard it for a long time that poinsettia leaves will make you sick, to some even deadly. Truth is a 50 pound child would have to graze on 500 leaves before that would happen. 500 hundred leaves! Take a nibble of one, it’s a fight to get your kids to eat their broccoli, I can’t imagine them wanting to wolf down a fist full of poinsettia leaves.
But anyway, keep them away from the buffet table, and save yourself the embarrassment of your little Einstein mistaking them for a colorful salad.

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