Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Just The Snow Falling Please

            Even though Christmas and New Year's activities are over many of us still have folks over from time to time, and many of us have elevated decks or porches to our entry door. Temperatures above 32 degrees pose no threat to life and limb. But when the mercury dips below 32 you have a potential ice rink, or at the very least a slip and slide.

            Who knows what will be falling this winter; maybe rain, maybe be snow, just as long as it isn’t Grandma.

            Being the thoughtful host you look out the window before your guests begin to leave; you notice the sidewalks and driveway look safe. The concern you had for your elderly guests melts away with the ice you didn’t see. Five minutes later and you’ve got a pile of Grandmas at the bottom of your deck steps. What happened? It looked safe out there.

           The walkways and driveway you observed through the window are situations that were affected by the ground temperature; the ground has not begun to freeze yet, and this keeps the ice from forming. Your elevated deck on the other hand does not benefit from this ground warmth, it’s surrounded by the fridge air. Not only are the top of the deck boards frozen but underneath as well. The long and short of it is, if the air is freezing, your deck is too.

            So have some salt at the ready for your guests; it’s a real bummer to enter the New Year in a cast.   

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