Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hanging the Christmas Lights:

           The very best time to hang up the lights is near evening when you can see the lights and where they need filling in. But that space of time is rather short. Day light hours limit the visual spacing ability, but it is more comfortable. So just get them on during the day and make the needed adjustment at night.
                       Bushes and shrubs are generally in easy reach; trees present more of a challenge.
            You could get out the step ladder and give the neighbor’s a chance to win some money with their video camera. Or you could construct a 2”x2” pole the height of the tree, (minus your reaching ability) with a hook screwed into the end.

            Trees take a lot of lights. And if your Christmas display is going to look, shall we say “disappointing” it will be in your lack of lumens in the branches.
            The nice thing about LED lights is you can string a bunch of them end to end without burning down your tree due to overloading the electrical capacity. The bad thing about LED’s is the price. A choice is needed to be made here; do we impress the neighbors, or do we eat this week?
            Let’s say you decided to do a little fasting. The evening hours are within sight, your trusty hooked pole is in your hands, and you’ve got your best friend calling out the thin spots.

You begin.

            Fifteen minutes later all is going well, you’re making your rounds, and the spacing remarks are tolerable.
            Half hour into it and your neck is cramping, your arms feel like lead, and your friend is really getting on your nerves.

            Fifteen minute later, you’re almost done; but the friendship has gone south, the pole lifts like a section of train track, and you’re three strings short.
            Do I run to the store and get four more (yes, four more, you just think you need three) or do I wait a finish tomorrow? Do it now. Come tomorrow you will be so sore from today’s activities it will be a chore just rubbing in the Ben-Gay.

                House decorating involves ladders, hooks, and a sense of balance.
                The number of ways you can put up these light varies according to your fascia and soffit set up; and whether or not you can bring yourself to poke holes in it or not.  If you’re not sure as to the right way to attach your lights, take a picture of the scenario you have to work with and show it to the CDS (Christmas Décor Specialist) at your local Christmas décor outlet.
                The key here is safety; do not over reach. You are not doing this in shorts and a T shirt, the attire upon your person at this time of year is a little more bulking and restrictive; so be careful.

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